338 Maxi Bartel - Brotherhood and Transformation: A Deep Dive into Self-Discovery and Finding Our Voice

FEB 15, 202459 MIN
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338 Maxi Bartel - Brotherhood and Transformation: A Deep Dive into Self-Discovery and Finding Our Voice

FEB 15, 202459 MIN


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In this episode, I sit down with my Maximillian Bartel, someone who I now consider a brother, after our shared experience at a recent Sacred Sons event. Together we dive into a profound journey of self-discovery that has been catalyzed by our experiences with this transformational mens group. Our conversation takes us through of inner transformation, beginning with the sparks of change in adolescence and leading to the powerful realizations of our adulthood. I open up about the metamorphosis from stage fright to storytelling, sharing how embracing vulnerability has been pivotal in not just my personal growth, but also in shaping this podcast into a vehicle for authentic expression. As we talk about re-acclimating to life, after such a profound experience, we discuss cultural intricacies, and the courage to voice our truths. The depth of our brotherhood becomes a beacon for anyone seeking connection and self-awareness.

I invite you to join us in this episode as we uncover the strength found in authentic connections and the remarkable impact they have on our lives. There's a certain magic in this discussion—a blend of vulnerability, gratitude, and profound understanding—that I can't wait to share with you. Whether it's exploring the subtleties of introversion or the nuanced perspectives on monogamy, our chat promises to resonate deeply.

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Key Takeaways

00:00 Brotherhood, Connection, and Personal Journeys

07:39 Journey of Self-Discovery and Inner Transformation

21:45 Finding Voice Through Podcasting

29:25 Creating a Podcast

35:51 Podcast Host's Evolution and Growth

46:50 Shifted Perspectives

51:34 A Grateful and Vulnerable Discussion

Tweetable Quotes

"I can't always prevent it from happening, but the conscious reminder through these conversations, through these connections, to slow down. I don't always need to have the immediate answer and say what's on my mind in an effort to either defend myself or protect myself or reduce any tension that's in the room."

"I have absolutely no problem admitting that I don't know anything and that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Maybe that's my superpower."

"There's a huge development also that I see in myself as a host, where I just feel like less of... and it also varies from episode to episode I'm talking to a different human, there will be a different energy present, so I'm not able to do it the same to the same degree, but I notice as sort of like development when it comes to the need of straight coming up with the next answer and having everything ready and set and whatever I don't, and there will be a lot of letting things land in my podcast."

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