340 Patrick Keller - Reflecting on Ten Years of Paranormal Podcasting Adventures

FEB 29, 202459 MIN
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340 Patrick Keller - Reflecting on Ten Years of Paranormal Podcasting Adventures

FEB 29, 202459 MIN


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In this episode, I speak with Patrick, back for Round 3 on the show. He’s been journeying through the realms of the paranormal on the Big Séance podcast for an entire decade. Together, we dive into the essence of what has made this adventure so special – from the intimate creation of a Victorian séance parlor for your listening pleasure to the honest, unscripted moments that remind us all that podcasting is as human as it gets. Patrick's reflections on the growth of the show, our shared experiences, and the careful curation of a community of the spiritually curious are not just stories; they're the heartbeat of a conversation that has thrived on authenticity and a genuine love for the unexplained.

We also wander down the less-traveled paths of our personal histories, discussing the interplay of spirituality, skepticism, and the responsibility we hold as podcasters in today's world. Patrick's insight into navigating sensitive topics, his own spiritual awakening, and the poignant act of honoring forgotten souls through grave adoptions brings a depth to this episode that is grounding and inspiring. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, I'm reminded of why this podcast resonates so deeply with me – and hopefully with you too. It's not just the ghostly whispers or the creaking floorboards; it's the shared human experience of seeking, questioning, and connecting that makes our podcast community so extraordinary.

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Key Takeaways

00:00 Podcasters History and Future Plans

08:48 Creating an Imaginary Space for Listeners

16:55 Views on Spirituality and the Paranormal

21:37 Navigating Paranormal and Spiritual Topics

27:21 The Relationship to a Podcast

33:40 Community and Content Creation

41:47 Rediscovering Memories and Honoring the Past

51:57 Connect With Big Seance on Social Media

Tweetable Quotes

"I wanted to create a space, an imaginary space, for my listeners to listen to my show. My show is about the paranormal, but the show is the Big Séance podcast. I want you to imagine you're in a séance parlor from the days of psychics and mediums and spiritualism."

"Whenever I do an episode about some individual who played a role in spiritualism or whatever, I sometimes wonder, do they know and do they appreciate us kind of pulling their name back up and is it something that affects them? On the other side, do they feel when people a hundred years later they didn't know, not connected to them?"

"With AI grabbing voices, it kind of worries me. But I have had the conversation with my husband, and I've told him, unless you're in need at that moment, I want my shows to stay available. At least until people forget about me."

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