Beyond All Repair Ch. 3: Bad Blood

MAR 14, 202444 MIN
Beyond All Repair

Beyond All Repair Ch. 3: Bad Blood

MAR 14, 202444 MIN


Sean Correia's credibility is called into question as Sophia Johnson and Shane Correia tell Amory about his role in their upbringing. Amory learns how these three siblings ended up in Washington state after being raised in New York, and how Sophia became estranged from Shane and their mother, with whom she’d been incredibly close.

Sophia finds a new family in the Johnsons — Brad, her husband, and Marlyne and Richard Johnson, Brad’s parents.

At the time of the murder, Sophia is newly wedded to Brad and six months pregnant. Marlyne is supposed to go over to Sophia’s house for lunch that day. She doesn’t show, leading Sophia and Brad to check on her, and, ultimately, to her lifeless, nearly unrecognizable body.

Sophia denies murdering Marlyne, but suspects Sean’s involvement.

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Listener note: This episode has descriptions of violence, strong language, and allegations of sexual assault. 


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