Bukake, Butt Cakes, & Jason giving HJs

APR 6, 2021104 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

Bukake, Butt Cakes, & Jason giving HJs

APR 6, 2021104 MIN


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This week the cup to cup crew gives us one of the wildest episodes ever. Chris starts it off with a video game related opening item before Jason gives one of the more unbelievable Florida mans yet. Before jumping into the video game bracket Jason surprises the crew with a special segment all about sexual phrases that has everyone dying with laughter.

The boys finish off (gigidy) the elite 8 in the video game bracket in a close vote. Chris drops a hangover style what if that has Jason revealing what it would take for him to give a random stranger a handjob. Finally the boys wrap it up with a few fill in the blanks about guilty pleasures and childhood crushes. Makes sure to listen to this hilarious and insane episode immediately!


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*


  • Florida Man @ 23 minute 



  • What If @ 61 minute


  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 71 minute


  •  Fill in the Blank @ 81 minute


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