Double Dicked Kev, Part 2

MAR 23, 202194 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

Double Dicked Kev, Part 2

MAR 23, 202194 MIN


The boys are back solo for episode 117 and one of our co-host is having a rough day...cough it’s Kevin... but we’re sure you already knew that. After a tasty opening item they guys get into a Florida Man that resulted in a Florida eunuch. Am I an Asshole explores if it’s okay to take legal action against your significant other.

The Best 90’s Video Game continues with #2 Super Mario World vs #18 NFL Blitz  and #10 Street Fighter II vs #7 Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Jose tells us Where We Fucked Up and we play all of the voice nuggets you have sent us over the last week! Chris brings us Would You Rather to close things up and end Kevin’s no good very bad day.



*The Cup to Cup Rundown*


  • Florida Man @ 8 minute 


  • Am I an Asshole @ 17 minute



  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 54 minute


  •  Voice Nuggets @ 59 minute


  • March Madness : Pay Rock Scissors Edition @ 69 minute


  • 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 69 minute - Use code "cuptocup" to save yourself 20% off and get FREE shipping.


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