Kev Gets Controversial

FEB 9, 202187 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

Kev Gets Controversial

FEB 9, 202187 MIN


The guys go through some of your Florida man birthdays before another edition of Florida Man and they are GREAT. We power up another round of our Best 90s Video Game Bracket with #10 Street Fighter II vs #23 The Simpsons and #7 Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs #26 Doom and yes, Kev has all the sound effects for you.

A special edition of “Am I an Asshole” looks at one of our own hosts controversial thoughts. Top that off with a new This is Where We Fuck Up, Voice Nuggets and the return of Trivia, episode 111 is guaranteed to make your Tuesday suck just a little less.




*The Cup to Cup Rundown*


  • Florida Man @ 12 minute 



  •  Am I an Asshole @ 55 minute


  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 70 minute


  •  Trivia @ 78 minute - Use code "cuptocup" to save yourself 20% off and get FREE shipping.


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