Riding Alligators & Cypress Knees - Ep. 94

SEP 29, 2020107 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

Riding Alligators & Cypress Knees - Ep. 94

SEP 29, 2020107 MIN


We are getting closer and closer to the episode century mark. The crew brings the energy to kick off the episode (it must be Kevin’s shirt). We visit Miami for Florida Man and either Chase or Kevin gets another point on the board. We start the Final Four of our Best 80s Action Movie Bracket as #16 Road House goes against #5 Die Hard. Does Road House have another upset left? The guys bring on our buddy Thomas to 7 Minutes to Heaven to talk about the FSU vs. Miami rivalry and we discuss championships during covid.

Jose returns to his duties to remind us where we messed up last week. Chris gives the guys a What If involving one of Kevin’s daily nightmares. Fill in the Blank involves being hit on, doing something despite consequences and a strange activity to do in front of a celebrity. Kevin gives us his latest Dad Tip which involves enjoying your children while they are young. We wrap it up with some voice nuggets. A special Happy Birthday to Kevin’s daughter Avery! Cheers!


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*


  • Florida Man @ 8 minute



  • 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 35 minute


  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 55 minute


  • What If @ 64 minute


  • Fill in the Blank @ 76  minute


  • Dad Tip @ 96 minute



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