Season 3 Trailer

JAN 8, 20212 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

Season 3 Trailer

JAN 8, 20212 MIN


In 2018  the community was hit with a bombshell. 3 white guys, a brown dude and Chris…. created Cup to Cup, the comedy podcast.

No one saw it coming, not their friends, partners or even their mothers…

Now with another season on the way, the community might just lose their shit when the dudes come back for more…


Ok, sorry, enough of this dramatic shit! Season 3 is here and its gonna be a wild ride. The boys return with a new bracket (The Best 90s Video Game), 2 new segments (Whats that Sound & Am I an Asshole?), plus a sick line up of guests and specials too!


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