Sexual Fetishes - Ep. 92

SEP 15, 202083 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

Sexual Fetishes - Ep. 92

SEP 15, 202083 MIN


The guys are back together again after Kevin’s brief hiatus and they make up for lost time.  A wide variety of topics is covered including an Ambassador to Aliens, Odell Beckham Jr’s fetish, and witches.  Kevin’s uncle cousin’s uncle Chester comes back for a 7 minutes in heaven encore and he doesn’t disappoint.  Kevin tries to catch up in points by attempting to win Florida Man or Name that show.

Angry Chase returns for another rant that he is positive everyone will agree with...


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*


  • Florida Man @ 9 minute



  • 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 41 minute



  • Name that Show @ 65  minute


  • Chase Rant @ 69 minute - Use code "cuptocup" to save yourself 20% off and get FREE shipping.


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