***The Vaca Update***

JUL 15, 202127 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

***The Vaca Update***

JUL 15, 202127 MIN


We're coming back in full force Tuesday the 20th from our mini vacations, well not Kevin, he insists it was not a vacation for him...

We're also going to start adding some "bloopers" at the end of each episode. (If there are any) So now you have to listen to the wrap up!

Special updates!

We'll have a guest when we come back and we promise you'll love her. Podcast host and Participation Trophy Wife Dayna. (Her words, not ours) Dayna's the host of two comedy podcasts; That Trophy Wife Life and The Dirty Little Secrets Club. Check her social out above and her podcasts here!

Also, if you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, come out to Southern Swells to celebrate our boy Greg and his return home from his 11,500 mile bike ride for charity!!

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