To Be a Fly on Aaron Rodger's Dick

JUN 22, 202181 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

To Be a Fly on Aaron Rodger's Dick

JUN 22, 202181 MIN


The episode opens with the guys talking about sayings that work in multiple scenarios and lead to some classic banter. Florida Man takes us to Providence, Massachusetts for the first time and the guys spend 7 Minutes in Heaven discussing which athletes would join their dodgeball teams. The sexual talk continues with Jason’s Internet Finds. 

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Chris gives the crew the latest Would You Rather involving food and booze. We get a couple voice nuggets and Chase gives us our next Correct Me If I’m Wrong. Jason gives us an I Don’t Get which stirs up some thoughts about an interesting topic. Grab your drinks and shots and enjoy! Cheers!    


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*


  • Premium Note Read @ 8 minute


  • Florida Man @ 10 minute


  • 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 14 minute


  • Internet Finds @ 26 minute 


  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 38 minute


  • Would You rather  @ 45 minute


  • Voice Nuggets  @ 53 minute


  • Correct Me If I'm Wrong  @ 61 minute


  • I Don't Get It  @ 66 minute


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