What's on Tap : Ology Brewing

MAR 19, 202138 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

What's on Tap : Ology Brewing

MAR 19, 202138 MIN


Ology Brewing likes to describe their brewery as an experimental brewery and they aren't joking. Nick Walker, the head brewer and owner of Ology Brewing Co. has taken his skills from working with Grandfather and Father in biology labs and converted them into brewing beer. Nick tells us about his insanely cool history with craft beer, psychobiology and the study of taste and smell and how that has influenced his beer. 

Don't worry, Nick kills it during Drinking buddies and Lonely Island too. Check em out and go get a beer!

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*What's on Tap Rundown*


  • Lonely Island @ 23 minute


  • Haters Gonna' Hate @ 26 minute


  • Drinking Buddies @ 29 minute


  • Beer Trivia @ 34 minute


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