What's on Tap | Wicked Barley Brewing

AUG 27, 202052 MIN
Cup to Cup | The Comedy Podcast

What's on Tap | Wicked Barley Brewing

AUG 27, 202052 MIN


The Brewmaster and Co-founder of Wicked Barley Brewing, Philip Maple, joins the boys for a wild time. Philip explains how they ended up with the only brewing in Jacksonville where boats and canoes can ride up and get a pint to why he thinks he's the best chugger on the planet. 

We also express our deep hatred for Yelp trolls, people that judge a brewery based on not having liquor and some of the insanely awesome beers they brew at Wicked Barley.


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*What's on Tap Rundown*


  • Lonely Island @ 31 minute


  • Haters Gonna' Hate @ 37 minute


  • Drinking Buddies @ 45 minute


  • Beer Trivia @ 48 minute


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