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What is Effective Philosophy? Juan and I simplify hard to grasp concepts into pragmatic takeaways that can be applied to every day life (fitness, goal setting, work, parenting, travel, hobbies, finances, etc., ..... the list goes on). 2 x episodes a week. We go live every Wednesday with our topical musings, plus an extra as a more casual conversation with a guest or between ourselves.

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Any Moment Could Be The Last | What Should I Do About It?
DEC 1, 2023
Any Moment Could Be The Last | What Should I Do About It?

Juan and I are experiencing firsts & lasts with our loved ones, moments that may or may not be lost in time.

In Episode #423 of 'Musings', Juan & I discuss: the connection between moments and memories, why the last time of something can also be the first of something else, our tricks for enjoying the good/bad moments of life, what Juan did after slipping on his driveway and how life journaling could alter our perception of reality.

Massive thanks to Dave Jones & Cole McCormick for the support. Checkout the book review collab I did with Cole for 'The Inevitable' by Kevin Kelly:

(0:00) - Intro
(1:21) - What's a moment?
(7:36) - Have we had more recently?
(15:24) - Intentionally not remembering
(20:48) - How to improve recall
(32:52) - Boostagram Lounge
(37:01) - Does technology change the game?
(49:07) - Hedonic treadmill/adaptation
(51:49) - Negatives hurt more
(54:58) - Summary
(57:22) - Juan enjoys pain
(1:00:39) - Teasing for next week
(1:02:57) - V4V: Time, talent & treasure

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