Field Trip: An Airport Full of Neuroscientists

MAR 2, 202357 MIN
Ologies with Alie Ward

Field Trip: An Airport Full of Neuroscientists

MAR 2, 202357 MIN


I’m at the airport and there are hundreds of brain scientists everywhere. So I swallowed my dignity/anxiety and approached strangers about the neuroscience they do. The result is a bushel of info on cravings, sleep, consciousness, addiction, dopamine, monogamy, Ozempic, toxins in your brain and so much more with: Georgia Kirkpatrick, Isabella Montana, Dr. Marissa Co, Chancey Garrett, Noah Millman, Pique Choi, Dr. Barbara Sorg and Elizabeth Plunk. Oops, we just made a bunch of new friends. All thanks to poster tubes, a.k.a: nerdurdurs. 

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