Smologies #20: FISHES with Chris Thacker

MAR 14, 202322 MIN
Ologies with Alie Ward

Smologies #20: FISHES with Chris Thacker

MAR 14, 202322 MIN


Ichthyology is not easy to say, but fish are easy to love. Dr. Chris Thacker will get you so thrilled to stare into a pond or look up pictures of silvery sea serpent-looking fish friends. 

Hilariously charming fish expert and LA County Natural History Museum Curator of Ichthyology, Dr. Thacker took Alie to a basement full of several million jars of fish to chat about the worst fish husbands, the weirdest mating behaviors, the scariest fish, the nicest fish, the tiniest fish, how they breathe, how you can help reverse global warming, and whether you should pee in wetsuits. I love her so much and so will you. 

(For the adult version, the full-length episode is linked below.)

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Full-length (not classroom-friendly) episode + tons of science links

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