158: Murder in Slow Motion: The Death of Yana Huss

JUL 18, 202272 MIN
Southern Fried True Crime

158: Murder in Slow Motion: The Death of Yana Huss

JUL 18, 202272 MIN


Yana Huss was a kind and gentle person, and a loving mother to her two young children. Tragically, she was also the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her abusive husband. Like many victims, Yana tried to escape numerous times, with little help from authorities, only to be reeled back in by unkept promises and threats. After four years of restraining orders and criminal charges, authorities finally started to take Yana’s allegations seriously. But it was too late.

Hosted and produced by Erica Kelley
Written by Erica Kelley
Researched by Haley Gray
Original Graphic Art by Coley Horner
Original Music by Rob Harrison of Gamma Radio
Edited & Mixed by Erica Kelley

- US National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
- Canada: visit this website to find the hotline in your area
- UK Domestic Abuse Hotline: 0808 2000 247
- For resources in other countries, visit this website

Sources: https://www.southernfriedtruecrime.com/murder-in-slow-motion-the-death-of-yana-huss

The main sources for today’s episode are the Port Charlotte Sun, and “A Candy Rose”, which is a website featuring lots of police files, timelines, and more.

The Vanished from Wondery

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