Ep. 11 - Governance Design

DEC 6, 202163 MIN
What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

Ep. 11 - Governance Design

DEC 6, 202163 MIN


Ahh, "governance" - the topic that is boring to death and had complete EA groups being fired.

Love it or not, setting up the "rules of engagement" is still an important piece in an organization. And you can do it while having some fun when you remember the points that we are talking about in this episode:

  • Role of governance in architecture activities and how it was seen in the past
  • Archetypes of architects - governance as low/low activity (and hence the popularity of EA groups to focus on this topic)
  • Who should be involved when setting up the rules of engagement
  • Governance automation and how to implement it
  • How to design governance processes - push/pull communication, elements of the implementation, measure gov. KPIs
  • Organizational design for governance - three branches of governance (legislation / standards group; jurisdiction / ARB; executives / CoE), centralized / decentralized governance setups
  • Additional aspects: enablement, project tracking, workload balancing, content freshness, confirmation management, dashboards / hold participants accountable / workflow routing / visibility
  • Two client project examples

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