Ep. 12 - Ten Things I've Learned

DEC 13, 202151 MIN
What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

Ep. 12 - Ten Things I've Learned

DEC 13, 202151 MIN


Here it is - the end (of season 1 ... no worries, we're back in January 2022). In this episode we are mixing up the format a bit and are talking about the 10 things that we learned in 25 years of  architecture and process management.

Approach / strategy segment

Let's talk about the bigger picture, the why and larger setup. What are the thoughts that get organizations started?

  • Why: You’ll end up paying for it somehow. End of the line in people or risk.
  • Don't do a "big effort upfront"
  • Develop and create in releases / have a release plan
  • Processes and architectures need to be measured

Organizational segment

Architectures win and fail with the people. If they don't want to cooperate or be involved you will fail.

  • It's the people, stupid
  • Do not separate areas of your architecture into different groups
  • Risk & Controls folks are your friends

"How-to" segment

Once you get started the task of developing an architecture seems daunting. This segment has a few tips to make it more manageable.

  • Start small but don't settle on the lowest denominator - choose a tool and have a minimum set of artifact requirements
  • Have the full lifecycle in mind and don't get distracted by the latest tech
  • When developing models do this in multiple iterations (esp. processes)

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