Ep. 14 - EA Strategy and Capabilities: Carlisle Gunn

JAN 24, 202250 MIN
What's Your Baseline? Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Management Demystified

Ep. 14 - EA Strategy and Capabilities: Carlisle Gunn

JAN 24, 202250 MIN


Developing an EA strategy is not done very often, but has many benefits. In this episode we are talking with Carlisle Gunn, an experienced Enterprise Architect, who we've worked with on past projects.

Carlisle has worked in the Enterprise Architecture space for over 8 years with a focus on business and application architecture. He led teams through process discovery into documentation and improvement. Working with team members from a wide array of roles, his background demonstrates experience working with almost every type of functional member within an organization.

Carlisle received a Masters of Professional Studies in Enterprise Architecture in 2016, where his focus was on the establishment of Enterprise Architecture capabilities and usage of modeling languages.

We are talking about the following topics:

  • Carlisle’s background (and some rugby geekery)
  • EA strategies and that they need to be client-specific
  • Stakeholders and the Enterprise Architect view (top-down) vs. the Solution Architect perspective (bottom-up)
  • ARB /= implemented EA strategy
  • Components of an EA strategy
    Start with maturity assessment > identify low-hanging fruit
    Communication is part of the “how”; EA strategy is the “what”
    EA goals and how to measure EA KPIs
    EA capabilities and services

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