Coming Up In May w/ Harland Williams | Your Mom's House Ep. 758

MAY 8, 202491 MIN
Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Coming Up In May w/ Harland Williams | Your Mom's House Ep. 758

MAY 8, 202491 MIN



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Put down Grandpa's cough medicine, it's a new episode of Your Mom's House with Tim and Kirsten! This week, Tom Segura and Christina P open the show by being serenaded by Gary Busey. They go off on some gross food video clips, before following up on an underdog story that happened because of some knucklehead soccer players in Thailand. They also do some accent work and look up the meanings behind some English words with French origins.

Comedian and podcaster Harland Williams joins the Main Mommies and his hair is looking great! He's got a new movie coming out and he shares some fun stories from his very first movie role in "Dumb and Dumber". They also talk about the new plus size section at Target, "Terminator 2", aging, Naked Martin, and some natural health benefits from the Double Soul Shaman. And just to butter him up, Harland also reacts to some classic Horrible or Hilarious clips!

Your Mom’s House Ep. 758

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