Happy Birthday Tom Segura! | Your Mom's House Ep. 759

MAY 15, 202496 MIN
Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Happy Birthday Tom Segura! | Your Mom's House Ep. 759

MAY 15, 202496 MIN



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What’s up, chomos?! We open the show with a real banger of a track and because Tommy Bunz celebrated a birthday a little while ago, this week we’re going to get around and celebrate it! The YMH producers gathered a team of special well wishers and put together a birthday shoutout for Tom to watch including the likes of RPC, The King, Gene & Nick Simmons, and even Ernie Hudson just to name a few. Other fun stuff covered in this episode include, choosing a life partner, women’s prisons, #FartWalk, swearing in other languages, and we also found a dating site for Disney adults!





Your Mom’s House Ep. 759

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