Make America Laugh Again w/ David Lucas | Your Mom's House Ep. 756

APR 24, 2024101 MIN
Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Make America Laugh Again w/ David Lucas | Your Mom's House Ep. 756

APR 24, 2024101 MIN



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It’s another episode of YMH with Todd and Kristine! This week, Tom Segura and Christina P have Kate Moss on the brain and open up with a deep dive on the world famous model's personal life. They then open the show for real with a clip of a very cool guy introducing us to a very cool game he likes to play! Tom and Christina then go into gross things they don't like in the opposite sex and personal dealbreakers they each have.

Comedian David Lucas joins the Main Mommies and he recently dropped a new comedy special Live From The Comedy Mothership. He's become a polarizing figure recently as well, stemming from material poking fun at BLM and George Floyd. But David embraces the controversy and believes that jokes and humor can help with grief rather than hurt. The man's got some interesting opinions for sure. Tom and Christina show David some clips featuring a really cool guy's favorite game, modern dating, and scatting (not what you think). They chat about Kevin Samuels, things missed in LA, and jump into some of Christina's curations! Try it out.

Your Mom’s House Ep. 756

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