Wildest Lifestyles w/ Moshe Kasher | Your Mom's House Ep. 745

FEB 7, 2024127 MIN
Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Wildest Lifestyles w/ Moshe Kasher | Your Mom's House Ep. 745

FEB 7, 2024127 MIN



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It’s another episode of YMH with Todd and Christine! We start the week with a DENTAL UPDATE and open the show with a clip courtesy of the double soul shaman. Tim and Kristin then share a few new airtight stories submitted by fans, they also discuss the recent Vince McMahon allegations, play a game of "Would You Rather?", plus introduce a very cool guy by the name of Tony P.

Comedian Moshe Kasher joins the Main Mommies to discuss his new book "Subculture Vulture" and talks about his time in rehab, his running streak of attending Burning Man and the San Francisco rave scene. Moshe then shares stories from his experiences as an ASL interpreter and how growing up with a deaf family impacted his life. The trio also talk about Moshe's wife Natasha's recent appearance at the Improv and the value of trying new things. They also watch a butthole arts and crafts video, some TikToks from the double soul shaman, and some “Horrible or Hilarious” clips, plus more of Christina's curations!





Your Mom’s House Ep. 745

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