Youth Empowerment Podcast

Youth Empowerment Podcast

Terrence Fagan Jr.



Are youths really the future? How many of you believe wholeheartedly that our youths can do so much more than we are currently doing? Well, I know we can. Why? Because I'm a 15 year and I'm on a mission to ensure many more of my peers start taking the right action now rather than later. Hence, the birth of Youth Empowerment Podcast. It educates, inspires, empowers and gives new business ideas to teens through captivating real life stories of youths who are succeeding and practical tips, strategies and valuable information from experts all aimed at encouraging youths to take the right action today to ensure they achieve the success they want for tomorrow. There's so much that teens can do, sometimes they just need that inspiration from one of their own. Peer relating to peer is very powerful. That's why as a 15 year old I decided that I would have this show all dedicated and aimed at helping my peers to start taking the right action today to live the best version of themselves now rather than later. My mission is to touch the lives of 5,000,000 youths globally in 24 months. Are you up for the challenge? Please join me on my mission as I help to secure the future of my generation and the ones to come.

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