The medicines hiding in your spice rack with Kanchan Koya & Dr. Sarah Berry

MAY 2, 202459 MIN
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The medicines hiding in your spice rack with Kanchan Koya & Dr. Sarah Berry

MAY 2, 202459 MIN


In today’s episode we’re uncovering the medicines hiding in your kitchen. 

Molecular biologist Kanchan Koya joins Jonathan and Sarah to explore the incredible health benefits of spices. From controlling blood sugar to soothing a sore throat, we’ll discover what the latest research says about household favorites including ginger, cinnamon and cloves. 

Kanchan Koya is a food scientist, founder of the spice-centric food blog Chief Spice Mama and author of the cookbook ‘100 Recipes with Healing Spices for Your Family Table’. She will show us how to get the most out of spices, with simple cooking tips and delicious recipes. 

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00:00 Introduction

01:26 Quickfire questions

03:08 What are spices?

03:43 Polyphenols in spices

07:25 Spices and your health

11:01 Cinnamon and blood sugar control

14:49 Anti-inflammatory benefits of spices

21:08 A practical guide to using spices

31:40 Reviving old spices

33:11 The wonders of ginger: from morning sickness to gut health

35:56 Spiced cooking tips

37:41 Breakfast ideas: add spices to start your day

39:44 Simple spicy snacks

42:05 Dinner delights: spicing up main meals

44:11 Spices for kids

46:24 Spiced drinks: from chai to golden milk

48:24 The ultimate spice dish

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