Your new menopause toolkit with Dr. Mary Claire Haver & Dr. Sarah Berry

MAY 9, 202468 MIN
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Your new menopause toolkit with Dr. Mary Claire Haver & Dr. Sarah Berry

MAY 9, 202468 MIN


The menopause transition can bring unexpected challenges — the effects can significantly impact daily life and long-term health.

Dr. Mary Claire Haver is a board-certified gynaecologist and a menopause specialist. She's helped thousands of women in perimenopause and menopause to realise their health goals. In today’s episode, she joins Jonathan and ZOE's Chief Scientist Dr. Sarah Berry to shed light on what to expect during these life stages.

Sarah and Mary Claire describe practical strategies for managing symptoms, critical conversations to have with healthcare providers, and how to advocate for yourself effectively in medical settings.

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00:00 Introduction

01:33 Quickfire questions

05:53 There is a lack of menopause training in medical school

07:02 Most women are going into menopause blind

07:43 Why menopause symptoms vary

09:30 The hormonal ‘zone of chaos’

11:45 ZOE PREDICT data on menopause symptoms

13:36 How long do perimenopause symptoms last?

17:52 Perimenopause at age 35?

18:34 Why hormone tests are worthless

20:53 The risk of chronic disease after menopause

24:53 Why does menopause increase hunger?

28:39 Why medicine and research is male-dominated

32:34 How to talk to your doctor about menopaue

34:12 Pregnancy research - 10x more extensive than menopause research!

35:14 Mary Claire’s toolkit of strategies for menopause

36:34 What are the long-term health benefits of hormone replacement therapy?

38:36 Is HRT safe for most women?

42:47 Brand new ZOE study results: diet and menopause

49:16 Top 3 tips to help with symptoms

54:34 What is ‘frozen shoulder’ and how can you treat it?

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