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Build with Hari Rao is designed to help you walk with God, grow in your identity, and fulfill your God-given assignment.

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Kings and Priests - 1
JUN 1, 2024
Kings and Priests - 1

God’s eternal purpose was not just to change your destination but to transform your identity. When all the work on earth is done, your earthly titles will be suspended. The only everlasting identity is that you are a son within the Son. This truth should not just be intellectual knowledge but a personal revelation that resonates in your heart. Prophet Hari is taking us on a journey to discover and unearth our identity and ranking in Christ.   
Every believer must renew their mind and transition from being sin-conscious to being Son-conscious. If God's sole intention was to take us to heaven, He would have created Adam in heaven and enjoyed His creation there. Child of God, there is something greater that God intends to accomplish.
Revelation 1:5–6 boldly declares that we are kings and priests unto God. Adam was the first priest-king, setting the precedent. Melchizedek, Abraham, David, and Solomon also functioned in these two offices. Christ, the ultimate King and High Priest, enables us to enter this divine calling. We cannot become priests or kings by our own order, but only by being grafted into Jesus.

Your function as a priest of God:
1.  Point of intersection:
In the Old Testament, a priest's primary role was to mediate between God and man. Priests had the privilege of exiting the camp of man and entering God's camp, touching the invisible and making it visible by God's calling. They were the intersection where two realms met; they knew what it was to be human and to meet God. Now, through Jesus, you have become the point of intersection—a mediator and intercessor for your family. Wherever you are, heaven can collide with earth; you are the outlet for God, and He flows in and through you.
 2: Privilege to understand the mind of God:
In the garden, the tree of 'knowledge and evil' symbolized instant knowledge—revelation without relationship. Information that is divorced from a relationship produces death. Moses didn’t rely on his own ability and knowledge; he took the arduous journey up the mountain to inquire of the Lord. God desires to reveal Himself through fellowship
As you grow in your priesthood, there is no language barrier; you understand your Father more deeply. As a priest unto God, you investigate the heart and mind of God. As a priest, you are required to stand before God, know Him, and have a revelation of Him that can only be birthed out of intimacy and fellowship. 
3.  Preachers of the ways of the Lord:
The priest has the function of getting to know God and out of the abundance of knowing your God, you feed your people.  As a priest, you are granted understanding and tasked with imparting this knowledge to God's people. Scripture says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge," so in bringing information, you are bringing life.
Your function as a king:
1. A king is an extension of God’s rule over the earth:
We are an extension of His love, mercy, and grace; we don’t rule over people, but we are meant to rule, reign, and have power over every demonic structure and principality.
 2. A king protects his boundaries:
He knows his reach and manages his territory well. You are meant to take authority and govern within your sphere of influence.
 3. A king manages his economy:
He controls the flow and direction of resources. A king searches a matter out and generates wealth for his kingdom.
You don’t serve mammon but it serves you.
Grace like that of Joseph and Daniel is being released today. May God grant you the grace of kingship in your finances, where you will function like the economy of an entire nation
Welcome to Kingdom economies; may the priesthood and kingship anointing in you arise!

99 MIN
Greater than John the Baptist
MAY 25, 2024
Greater than John the Baptist

The message of salvation is often oversimplified, focusing solely on making it to heaven, leaving a gap in understanding the original purpose. Many believers are consumed by titles and a work-based mindset. But one day, when every need is met and every soul is saved, who are you without these titles of a prophet, teacher, priest, and so forth?
It is tragic to be a mere spectator in the revival when we're called to be active participants. Join Prophet Hari Rao as he teaches us to strive for a deeper relationship with God, experiencing the peak of His transformative power in our lives.
The God we serve is revealed to us through a Father-son relationship; that is His primary design from which everything else flows. Jesus wears the mantle of a healer, saviour, deliverer, provider, and more for us, but to the Heavenly Father, He is His Son. And in His mercy, God has granted us the privilege, through Jesus, to be called sons within the Son.
In Matthew 11:11, Jesus states that John the Baptist, a great prophet and forerunner to Jesus, is surpassed by even the least in the Kingdom of God. This might seem paradoxical, given John's remarkable role.
The least in the kingdom is greater than John because of:
1.  The Blood of Jesus:
Our greatest privilege is being cleansed by the blood of Jesus. John and all that preceded him were washed by the blood of animals that had no power to cleanse, forgive, or deliver. In the past, sacrifices of animals couldn't truly cleanse or forgive sins, serving as a prophetic glimpse of what was to come. Now, through Jesus, our sins are forgiven eternally, eliminating the need for yearly sacrifices. Those who had faith in the prophetic picture were saved by mercy. We have the real thing! Unlike animal sacrifices, the blood of Jesus eliminates our sinful nature; this is a profound difference. We are now part of a covenant that allows us access. The God who once instructed the Israelites to stay away from the mountain of God now invites us in the New Testament to approach the throne room boldly. The Heavenly Father relates to you based on His Son, not on your merit. Through the blood, He sees you as He sees Jesus.

2.  The in-dwelling of the Spirit:
We are the tabernacle of God; God indwells us. In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God came upon people for specific assignments. However, when you were washed by the blood, the barrier was broken, establishing a personal relationship with God.
Jesus introduced a paradigm shift. While others were sent with various titles, only Jesus was sent as a Son. The Son is the vessel that carries God. You cannot carry the Father if you don’t possess the revelation of ‘Sonship’. Elisha's request for a double portion could only be granted as a son; his acknowledging Elisha as  'My father' enabled him to inherit a double portion of the spirit.
The goal of salvation is to instill the revelation of Sonship in your spirit, enabling you to call out "Abba Father." By washing you with the blood of His Son, God made you His child. Now, you walk into His presence and pray from the position of a son, with everything proceeding from this relationship.
The church is built on the revelation that Christ is the living foundation. When you pray, approach God as a son with revelation in your heart, not just knowledge in your mind. When you function in Sonship you enter God's family communication, the family business. God intends to withhold nothing from you; He sacrificed His Son, making you a son within the Son, and thus a co-heir.
Child of God, you are God’s family and His residence! May this truth liberate you and allow you to function as an extension of the Lord.

54 MIN
The Power of Divine Sonship.
MAY 18, 2024
The Power of Divine Sonship.

The powerful truth of divine sonship is a fundamental doctrine. In today's teaching we dive into it from a biblical perspective. 

The truth is powerful when applied appropriately, but when exaggerated, it can become dangerous. While it is meant to bring freedom, it becomes burdensome when there is a lack of balance or a lack of capacity to handle it.

Balance is power. Without it, you will have a distorted view of God, yourself, and the world. The enemy will do everything possible to twist the truth. If you believe you must earn God's love, everything you do will be an attempt to earn it, even though it is given freely. Holiness is a fruit that you bear; it cannot be achieved; it is the outward manifestation of an inward reality. When you host a holy God, you produce a holy life.

Our principles and practices must bear scriptural evidence. While someone may have powerful and life-changing spiritual experiences, these cannot be turned into doctrines. The Word is our boundary! We don't base doctrines on experiences; our doctrine is subject to the Word of God, which is unchanging.

God leads people based on a heavenly reality. Moses was instructed to model the earthly tabernacle after the heavenly temple, which was a reflection of a heavenly model. Therefore, every doctrine or truth we believe must mirror a heavenly reality. It is a truth because it points to a heavenly precedent, reflecting how God has fashioned things.

There is a truth and explosive power behind the doctrine of 'sonship''; it mimics a heavenly reality. Spiritual sonship is a domestic application of a divine, pre-existing truth. We cannot fully grasp spiritual sonship without understanding divine sonship.

“For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.” (Romans 8:29)

Many come to God for various reasons, such as healing, restoration, and breakthroughs. They seek what God can do for them and often turn away after receiving help, being healed but not saved. But this is not God's design; the ultimate goal has always been to have a loving relationship with the Father. The purpose of salvation is to know Him. God desires us to know Him as our Father.

The eternal identity of Jesus is that of a Son, and when you are saved, you become a son or daughter within the Son. This truth is the cornerstone of our beliefs. Sonship is a privileged position; all other identities are transient, but your identity as a son is eternal and cannot be taken from you. Sonship cannot be earned; it is given to you. The primary message of salvation is not about an eternal destination but about an eternal relationship. You go from being an orphan to a son; this transformation is primarily in the relationship, which then changes the destination. Sonship is eternal!

As we read in Romans 8:15, the Spirit of God came and transformed our relationship with God into an intimate one, where we get to call Him the ‘Abba Father’. The cornerstone of our faith is that we are restored to a relationship with God and everything else flows out of that. Divine Sonship is the solution to all your problems.

If sonship is not your identity, then you're striving to obtain one, relying on your works. However, as a son, you don't have to work to get an identity; you function from a place of identity. Nothing can change this relationship, which is sealed by the blood of Christ.

You are not merely a son, but God's legal inheritor. An heir inherits all that belongs to the Father, and in Christ Jesus, you inherit a kingdom that will never pass away.

The poverty of thoughts comes from the lack of revelation of divine sonship; for in sonship, nothing is out of reach!

Child of God, do you recognize your identity and the inheritance from your Heavenly Father?

May this truth of sonship liberate you!

60 MIN
Changing your Trajectory
NOV 15, 2023
Changing your Trajectory

Change begins on the inside. Real transformation begins from within and radiates outward. Too often, adjustments on the outside are hastily chosen for their perceived simplicity. However, inner change proves to be far more challenging yet rewarding. Join Prophet Hari Rao today as he brings wisdom and understanding that will change your trajectory.
God, being all-knowing, comprehends everything yet Proverbs 25:2 states that God's glory lies in concealing things, while the glory of kings is in searching them out. This verse reveals how God operates, emphasizing that pursuing matters hidden by God brings glory. What is not hidden requires no effort from the seeker; to walk with God involves embracing His preference for concealing matters, requiring a dedicated pursuit and spirit to unlock mysteries. By unlocking these, one also unveils the glory hidden in these mysteries.
The glory and greatness of kings manifest in their eagerness to thoroughly explore a matter to the point where mysteries cease to be mysterious. God rewards intentional seekers in their pursuit of understanding.
One may ask, how do we discern whether something is concealed or non-existent at all? Can one perceive the presence of a thing before actually detecting the thing itself?
Consider God's plan and purpose for us; while it's acknowledged, discovering that purpose demands diligence from believers. God's purpose is free but not cheap, and it doesn't unfold automatically. Just because God intends something doesn't guarantee its automatic occurrence.Upon receiving a prophecy, your lifestyle must become a nesting place and an incubator for the fulfillment of the prophecy. If a thought is conceived in the mind of God, realizing it requires His presence. When you receive a word, what you do with it after you have received it is as important as the word itself. Therefore, embark on a journey of active participation with God to avoid aborting His plans.
We must learn the art of searching a matter out. The pursuit and discovery of a matter brings glory to a king, and unlocking a mystery not only unveils the glory and brings it into your possession but also makes it available to others on a similar journey.

  • Hannah serves as a blueprint for any woman yearning to birth her Samuel, providing a template for seeking God.
  • Daniel's life offers a blueprint for ruling in a heathen world and succeeding in royal courts.
  • Joseph's story becomes a blueprint for financial wisdom and bringing economic deliverance to a nation facing famine.

Solving mysteries that baffle others becomes your reward.
May this teaching enrich your spirit with the excellence to solve mysteries and change the trajectory of your life.

58 MIN
Becoming a Preferred Vessel
NOV 11, 2023
Becoming a Preferred Vessel

The Book of Daniel reveals that Daniel enjoyed a distinct preference over the nation's presidents and princes. Daniel was preferred because of the exceptional quality and nature of the Spirit within him. Today, Prophet Hari is introducing us to a lifestyle that can transform us into preferred vessels.
King Darius recognized the need to raise princes and presidents under his authority to ensure the efficient governance of the nation's provinces. As a result, he elevated Daniel to a position above them. Daniel's role went beyond being a prophet to the nation; he was elevated to the position of president and ruler. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Daniel spent years diligently cultivating his own spirit. As a result of this transformation, his spirit achieved a level of excellence worthy of recognition.
Daniel's greatness wasn't merely a result of divine grace or a bestowed gift. Observing Daniel's life reveals that, at an early age, he vowed to abstain from defiling himself. His exceptional journey commenced from the time he made this decision, setting him on a trajectory toward greatness. Dear child of God, Daniel serves as a model we should all strive to emulate, for within him resided an excellent spirit.
Excellence can often be practiced situationally, but Daniel's distinction lies in possessing an inherent excellent spirit. Unlike managing excellence, Daniel became excellence itself, developing his spirit to the point where operating at a high level was instinctive. Daniel's preference among others stemmed from the fact that he possessed an excellent spirit—a level of excellence that transcended mere visual assessments. It became evident that whenever chaos arose, Daniel consistently managed it with unparalleled excellence.
There are individuals who have become such perfected spirits that when you arrive in their presence, you behold excellence.  Every word spoken by Jesus emanated life, as He is life.Striving to move beyond the perception of an excellent spirit to actually becoming one is crucial. In God, there exists the power for transformation; it is His desire that you not remain as the prodigal son but that you be transformed into the rightful inheritor of His promises.
The pitfalls to avoid in your quest :
-  Ensure that your conduct is not driven by fear.
- Strive for excellence not solely due to passion, but because it aligns with your inherent functioning. For Daniel, it wasn't a matter of preference; it was an integral part of his identity.
- Don't let your quest for excellence make you legalistic. Legalism kills intimacy.
Growth is effortless but it requires intentionality. In an ideal environment, a seed thrives and grows, as growth is a result of being planted in the right environment.
As the body of Christ, resolve in your heart to intentionally grow in grace each day until you evolve into a glorious and preferred vessel. Yield to the spirit of God and begin to function in the spirit of excellence.

35 MIN