We talk with Antonio "Ice-Man", founder of Cryo Wake Forest about his wellness and recovery spa and his journey of starting his business as a disabled veteran.

The Sleuth

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The Cryo Guy

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The Sleuth

The Cryo Guy

FEB 1, 202248 MIN


  • Cryo Wake Forest was founded by a disabled veteran who has seen and experienced the need for mental, physical, and spiritual services firsthand. 
  • As a result, Cryo Wake Forest was created to provide these services for all in the Wake Forest, Wakefield, Rolesville, and surrounding communities. 
  • There is nothing more telling than the actual experience of treatment/services to be one’s testimony. After the experience of the first treatment which was COLD, different, and fun there were several more and the results proved to be more effective than any other treatments prompting the founder to begin the journey to bring these services to the area for all. 
  • We chat about COVID and whether we should be talking about COVID.
  • Antonio shares about the services they offer to help people recover and feel better.
  • We discuss the benefits of cryotherapy.
  • We chat about how Private investigator services and wellness intersect.
  • We talk about how Blackman can help businesses with background checks, and issues that may arise like theft where a business owner could avoid going to the police by using a licensed Private Investigator.
  • We talk about a true crime case that the sleuths have been working for over three years, what their job was in the case as private investigators, and how they assist the attorneys.
  • They are hired by the defense attorneys.
  • Jamie shares a story about a 29-year-old man who was convicted of murdering two women in a massage parlor found on murderpedia.org