MCOE Best Practices Spotlight: Jonathan Bannister of Cornerstone Marketing

FEB 13, 202369 MIN
The Marketing Center of Excellence

MCOE Best Practices Spotlight: Jonathan Bannister of Cornerstone Marketing

FEB 13, 202369 MIN


In this episode of The Marketing Center of Excellence Best Practices Spotlight, we sit down with Jonathan Bannister, CEO of Cornerstone Marketing Solutions and Build Your Team outsource staffing solution for agencies, and host of the Home Service Hustle podcast. Jonathan is a marketing veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and has a wealth of knowledge to share with our listeners.

We delve into his unique approach to marketing and how he has built Cornerstone Marketing Solutions into a leading agency that provides a range of marketing services to businesses of all sizes. Jonathan shares his thoughts on the importance of having a solid team in place to support your marketing efforts, and explains how Build Your Team helps agencies find the right talent to grow their businesses.

We also discuss the challenges faced by agencies in today's fast-paced marketing landscape and how to stay ahead of the curve. Jonathan shares his best practices for marketing success, and gives insights into the future of the industry.

This is a must-listen episode for anyone in the marketing industry, from agency owners to marketing professionals. Tune in to gain valuable insights from a seasoned pro and learn how to take your marketing efforts to the next level. And don't forget to check out Jonathan's Home Service Hustle podcast for even more marketing and business insights.

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