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Welcome to Bear Academy podcast. Here, we talk things about design, productivity and technology with professionals who work in tech and design industries. Hosted by Bear Liu, a UX designer who lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

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#46 Brendan Jarvis: What I learned from podcasting
AUG 13, 2022
#46 Brendan Jarvis: What I learned from podcasting

Brendan Jarvis shared what he learned from 2 years of podcasting experience on finding and interviewing top UX influencers.


💡 A better experience for guests and audience: look at the camera and active listening

💡 Be authentic or professional?

💡 How to find guests for a UX podcast?

💡 How to get the workflow organised?

💡 How to deal with “I don’t want to do it today”

💡 Tips for releasing a high-quality podcast every week?

Who is Brendan Jarvis

Brendan Jarvis is the Managing Founder and Principal Researcher of The Space InBetween - New Zealand’s only specialist evaluative UX research practice and world-class UX lab: enabling brave teams across the globe to de-risk product design, and equally brave leaders to shape and scale design culture.





[12:39] A great tip for online communication: look at the camera, listen carefully

[17:33] Tip for managing podcasting: batch the invites

[18:25] Tip for managing a podcast: templates for show notes, LinkedIn posts, tweets etc.

[19:23] Spend at least 1 day preparing for each episode

[21:20] Practice writing questions like speaking, so that don’t need to check the notes often, just go naturally during the conversation

[26:21] The difference of being authentic or being professional?

[33:08] How to find guests for his podcast

[40:45] How to save time? Hire a professional editor!

[46:20] Challenge for making a podcast: finding his voice on the podcast

People or things we mentioned

Brave UX with Brendan Jarvis

Jared Spool

Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal

Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

Seth Godin

Fiverr for finding a podcast editor

On Writing by Stephen King

Tim Ferriss on podcasting and blog

55 MIN