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This is your chance to BrandUp, with Anne D Ferguson, brand voice and messaging strategist. This podcast is for female founders (especially of the neurodiverse variety) whose growing businesses are just waiting to take off with the help of a consciously curated, unique brand voice. Listen for conversations about branding more broadly, brand voice specifically, case studies from Anne's own happy clients, and the occasional carefully selected expert guest, because we learn so much more when we hear from diverse voices. Anne is an ADHD-fuelled entrepreneur who has honed her passion for words to create massively impactful communication for all kinds of clients. She works with founders whose superfast brains, sometimes make it tricky to translate their genius into a coherent brand voice their ideal clients can understand. Join Anne for a branding journey like no other: one that honours the way your brain works, highlights your voice and helps you grow your business to the places you KNOW you can reach. Connect with Anne: / @iamannedferguson

Recent Episodes

020:  Triumphs and Trials of an ADHD-Fuelled Entrepreneur: Learnings from a Bumpy Year in Business and Life
DEC 29, 2023
020: Triumphs and Trials of an ADHD-Fuelled Entrepreneur: Learnings from a Bumpy Year in Business and Life

2023 was both a beast, and the best, of years. Sometimes the most valuable lessons and strategies for business success and personal growth come from uncomfortable learnings. That was certainly true for 2023. 

To mark the end of the year, and the close of this second season of The BrandUp Podcast, I’m trying something new: a personal roundup of what worked and what didn’t in 2023.

Most of all? This episode is a celebration. Get ready to hear about how my ADHD and burnout challenged my entrepreneurial ambitions, and what I’m deeply, dizzyingly proud of achieving nonetheless.

Hot topics in this episode include:

Consistency: Celebrating publishing 14 episodes of The BrandUp Podcast without missing a week – a testament to resilience and strategy in content creation.

Balance: how do you find a healthy balance between social media marketing and preserving your energy? Find out what I’m committing to going forward.

Social Media Burnout: this has wiped me out, and I share how I’ll approach social media content creation next year to manage my mental health and still maintain brand visibility.

Collaboration: it’s one of the key strategies I’ve used to get my business back on track. Learn why I think you should seek business collaborations for growth and joy!

Old-school networking: find out how this was an unexpected business growth engine for me this year, and how I’m leaning into it for 2024.

I’d love to stay connected. I’ll be starting a new private podcast in 2024, and would love you to join me. If you’d like to hear more or to find out how you can work with me in LOUD & CLEARtm or one-to-one, then email me at [email protected].

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019: Branding DEI with a Difference, featuring Sara Kedge
DEC 28, 2023
019: Branding DEI with a Difference, featuring Sara Kedge

Meet Sara Kedge – a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant and neurodiversity coach to leaders across the UK and beyond. 

Sara’s voice stands out in a crowded industry – as much as her bright teal hair stands out in a crowd!

DEI transformation can often feel heavy and hard, Sara brings play and joy. Most of all, she creates bespoke solutions for each of her clients to create truly inclusive workplaces. No box-ticking DEI here! 

With play and joy, Sara guides her clients to make uncomfortable changes that stick, and offers reassurance that getting things wrong is part of the DEI process.

This week Sara talks about how she became so clear, confident and powerful in her message that “the time for empty conversation about DEI is over.” 

Here’s what pops in this episode:

Meaningful DEI: Learn how moving through nervousness about taking a strong stance has boosted Sara’s business growth; 

Consistency: Find out why the definition we’re used to doesn’t work and how to think about more neurodivergent-friendly consistency; 

Brand voice: Discover how Sara’s Brand Voice Guide saves her time, brings her clients and keeps mis-matched clients away;

Marketing advice: Find out how Sara adapted traditional content creation strategies and created her own smorgasbord of choice

Client avatars: Hear why Sara doesn’t work with client avatars, and how she identifies her ideal clients instead;

Comfort zones: Learn how it’s possible to take a strong stand in your industry, while still feeling  safe;

Word choice: Discover the words that Sara eliminated from her business, and why it’s brought new business her way;

Discover more about Sara’s DEI consultancy approach:

Join the How2EntrepreNeuro community – find out all about it here:

Sort out your brand’s voice and get results like Sara’s by booking in to speak with Anne. Let’s get you heard, Loud & Clear!

56 MIN
018: Amplifying Diverse Voices: Dani Wallace's Mission of Inclusive Empowerment
DEC 21, 2023
018: Amplifying Diverse Voices: Dani Wallace's Mission of Inclusive Empowerment

Ready to be inspired? This week you’ll meet Dani Wallace, public speaker, entertainer, and the powerhouse behind 'I Am The Queen Bee' and the 'Fly Anyway Foundation.' Dani is a force of nature, and someone whose gift lies in helping all people take up space and tell their stories. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Inclusive Excellence: Discover how Dani builds active inclusivity into every part of her business; 
  • Marketing with Moxie: Learn the bold, authentic marketing strategies that made Dani unforgettable from the start;
  • The Real Deal on Rapid Success: Find out how long it’s really taken Dani to grow her business;
  • Branding with Heart: Discover how the brand’s values create deep connections and act as a GPS for every business decision;
  • Language that Binds: Learn how Dani’s team consciously and consistently uses inclusive language to forge deep bonds with their audience; and 
  • More Than Business: Hear about Dani’s vision, and how her business success is shaping her long-term legacy. 

Dani's not just any public speaker or entrepreneur; she's a dynamo who turns every challenge into a triumph and every voice into a roar. Working with everyone from solo dreamers to global celebrities, Dani's mantra is clear: every voice matters, and it's time to make yours heard.

Leading the 'I Am The Queen Bee Movement' and the 'Fly Anyway Foundation', Dani is a living reminder that to Show Up, Wise Up, and Rise Up is within everyone's reach. Her approach? Inclusive, empowering, caring, irreverent and, above all, excellent fun!

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowerment with a Twist: A peek into Dani's vibrant world of inclusive business.
  • Heartfelt Connections: How genuine branding and communication can create a loyal, diverse community.
  • Purposeful Entrepreneurship: The joy and drive in building a business that truly makes a difference.

If you’d like to learn more about Dani’s work, find her at and connect with her on social media.

You can learn about the Fly Anyway Foundation here:

And connect with me to find out how we can craft your brand’s unique voice, to save you time, energy and help your business grow:

52 MIN
017: Pitch with confidence with Adela Hussain
DEC 14, 2023
017: Pitch with confidence with Adela Hussain
35 MIN
016: How to evolve your brand out loud with Ebonie Allard
DEC 7, 2023
016: How to evolve your brand out loud with Ebonie Allard

What happens when you’re known online for one specialism, but want to change your work completely?

Today’s guest shares how she did just that – more than once. 

Ebonie Allard is an artist, and a Master Coach who works with Multiple Brain Integration Technique with a special interest in neurodivergence. She’s a certified Human Design specialist and a being whose constant evolution in business is a masterclass in reinvention.

In this week’s episode you’ll hear about:

  • How Ebonie went from leading a global community of “misfits” to sharing her art online;
  • What being diagnosed with ADHD and autism revealed to Ebonie;
  • What it looks like to do only what feeds your soul (in life and business);
  • How Ebonie’s brand values acted as a compass through times of deep change;
  • What shifting from a 24-hour male cycle to a 28-day female cycle can tell you about consistency; and
  • What happened when Ebonie stopped trying to make herself smaller, and chose to make her business model bigger instead.

Access Ebonie’s gifted resources here:  

Discover Ebonie’s work on Instagram, on Facebook and on Tiktok

Listen to Ebonie and Anne chat on Adulting with Ebonie here:

Get your free human design report from Ebonie here.

Learn more about Human Design in this podcast episode with Shari Thompson:  

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