K.C. Undercover's Veronica Dunne On Regrets While On Disney

NOV 14, 202351 MIN
Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano

K.C. Undercover's Veronica Dunne On Regrets While On Disney

NOV 14, 202351 MIN


This week on Vulnerable, Christy sits down with fellow Disney Channel alum, K.C. Undercover’s Veronica Dunne. Veronica knows a thing or two about child acting, having started on Broadway at age 6, and doing film and TV by age 10. Veronica tells us all about her struggle to break through into Disney roles, starring in Chicago on Broadway, taking liberties to improve her character, what it’s really like working with Zendaya, and what some of her biggest regrets were during her time on the show. 

What did Zendaya refuse to do on set?? Does Christy have stage fright?? What was Disney most fearful about when they cast Veronica?? Tune in now!

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