School Of Rock's Rivkah Reyes On Life After Child Fame

NOV 7, 202357 MIN
Vulnerable with Christy Carlson Romano

School Of Rock's Rivkah Reyes On Life After Child Fame

NOV 7, 202357 MIN


This week on Vulnerable, we’re joined by actor, writer, comedian, musician, Rivkah Reyes. Since their breakout role as Katie in the 2003 classic School of Rock, Rivkah has been an indie-film and musical-comedy darling. Rivkah chats with us about what life has been like since the success of School Of Rock, dealing with sobriety and a destructive inner-critic. Plus, Rivkah tells us all about their full-moon parties, pulling off Barbie-Core fantasies, and their relationship with Jack Black. 

How did Rivkah respond to being sexualized as a young actor? Is Rivkah working with Jack Black on a new project?! What’s their connection to Dennis Rodman?? Tune in to find out!

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