Driving Growth with Service Excellence

APR 10, 202435 MIN
GTM Disrupted with Mike Smart

Driving Growth with Service Excellence

APR 10, 202435 MIN


GTM Disrupted host Mike Smart sat with Michael Israel, Vice President of Community at Zuper, a leading provider of field service management software. To discuss the impact service excellence has on go-to-market and growth. Michael shares how prioritizing customer-centric approaches drives growth and customer loyalty.

Key Take Aways from this episode include:

 Small Actions, Big Impact

 Service Excellence as the differentiator

 Integration with Marketing

 Proactive Engagement

Michael’s Bio

Michael Israel has 50 years of industry expertise, positioning him as a leading authority in technology for field service businesses. As Vice President of

Community at Zuper Michael combines deep domain knowledge and experience to create services that accelerate growth and build customer loyalty. Michael’s passion centers on “completed service work,” emphasizing a customer-centric approach to elevate experiences. As a thought leader, he regularly addresses the evolving role of field service technicians and champions the transformative impact of technology.

To Learn more about Michael to go - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelisrael1/

To Learn more about Zuper to go -- https://www.zuper.co