Navigating Product Leadership in Healthcare IT and Beyond

MAY 8, 202431 MIN
GTM Disrupted with Mike Smart

Navigating Product Leadership in Healthcare IT and Beyond

MAY 8, 202431 MIN


GTM Disrupted host Mike Smart had an exciting time reconnecting with Kevin Smith, the CPO at Therapy Brands, the leading provider of practice management, solutions for mental and behavioral health providers.

Kevin gives listeners valuable insight as he shares his diverse career journey through roles in finance, strategy, and healthcare tech. His success has come from taking measured risks and pursuing diverse roles.

Kevin emphasizes the fulfillment of his role leading a team with a mission-driven charter where products support caregivers in the mental health field.

Key learnings from this podcast include:

 Continuous learning as a career advantage

 Ultimate fulfillment -- building Mission-Driven solutions

 Payoffs from taking measured career risks

 Identifying the Right Use Case for GenAI

Kevin’s Bio:

Kevin is responsible for Therapy Brand’s product strategy, roadmap, and product launches. He has 25 years of healthcare industry experience, primarily in product management. He has spent his career working at both large, Fortune 50 companies to private-equity-backed SaaS companies. His knowledge base spans expertise in RCM, payments, and SaaS software. Prior to joining Therapy Brands, he held roles at Intel, Dell, Fiserv, MedAssets/nThrive, and most recently, Syntellis. Throughout his career, he has spent time giving back to the community by volunteering as a coach, teacher, and advisory board member of the University of South Florida Muma College of Business. Kevin holds both a BS in finance and an MBA from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business.

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