Offense Oriented Product Leadership

FEB 22, 202439 MIN
GTM Disrupted with Mike Smart

Offense Oriented Product Leadership

FEB 22, 202439 MIN


GTM Disrupted host Mike Smart grabs a few minutes with Ben Foster, Co-Founder and Partner at Prodify a product consultancy and co-author of “Build What Matters” a book that explores the Vision-Led Product Management Framework.

Ben offers his take on succeeding as a CPO or VP of Product. His key message is shift to offense to thrive in the role.

Key Take Aways from this episode include:

 Overcoming Product Management Dysfunctions

 Balancing Value Delivery and Value Extraction

 Shifting the Dialogue to Empower Teams

 Using Product Management Art and Science

Ben’s Bio

Ben Foster is a 25-year product veteran who has formally mentored 50+ product leaders. He is co-founder and partner at Prodify, a highly regarded product consultancy, and co-author of Build What Matters. Ben has spoken at top product conferences, is an inventor on over a dozen patents, and co-authored the book Build What Matters, which offers practical guidance for product leaders. Ben has experience leading product and design at B2C companies, like eBay and Whoop, and B2B SaaS companies, such as Opower and GoCanvas, and has found connections between them. Ben lives with his wife and son in Arlington, VA.

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