for the healthy hoes.
for the healthy hoes.

for the healthy hoes.

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a (safe) space dedicated to providing resourceful wellness information via casual + everyday chats about mindfulness, intentionality, and self-awareness. Support this podcast:

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emotional awareness.
FEB 27, 2024
emotional awareness.

emotional awareness is the ability make sense of not just your own emotions but also those of others. being emotional has carried a lot of negative connotation in society. so this has made it difficult for us to lean into and embrace our emotions to self let alone express them to others. as human beings, we were meant to feel- not suppress our emotions + radiate only happiness 24/7. when we don't allow ourselves to feel, not only are we hiding from our true selves but these feelings tend to fester and manifest into things that evoke self-sabotaging behavior. it is okay + very necessary to be emotional. feeling is an innate part of the human express. using your emotions as introspection + digging deeper to uncover parts of you that have been hidden for so long is the best thing that can be done for self but also for the world. tap in to you. and watch the evolution that is you unfold.

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