270: Point Blank #2: What if your grandson was orphaned?

MAR 21, 202342 MIN
This Is Actually Happening

270: Point Blank #2: What if your grandson was orphaned?

MAR 21, 202342 MIN


After losing her daughter to a freak accident, Sissy Feitelberg focuses on supporting her grandson Gage who lives in Rancho Tehama with his widowed father, Danny, but when a shooting spree begins, a deeper horror falls on the family and leaves Sissy to pick up the pieces.

Today’s episode is Part Two of our limited series, “Point Blank,” featuring five stories of people impacted by the spree killing of Rancho Tehama California in 2017. There, a lone gunman killed his wife, then his neighbors and then began a shooting spree, attacking 8 different locations in the span of only 25 minutes, ending at elementary school, and leaving 6 people dead and 18 wounded. 

This series is co-produced by This Is Actually Happening creator and host, Whit Missildine and Connor Sheets, investigative journalist with the Los Angeles Times, with special thanks to Jason Blalock, and Andrew Waits. To find out more about the shooting, you can read the original article by Connor that inspired the story, titled: “It was California’s forgotten mass shooting. But for victims, the ‘hell’ never ends,” on the latimes.com


Producers: Whit Missildine, Connor Sheets

Editors: Whit Missildine, Andrew Waits


Content/Trigger Warnings: gun violence, mass shooting, death, child endangerment, explicit language


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